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How to Create Content for Facebook Page? : Pro Tips to Succeed in 2024

Published by wadialbada
January 22, 2024

You need a robust social presence to widen your customer base and beat your competition. Since many of your prospects are already using Facebook, you need to know how to create content for your Facebook page so you can engage the audience, build a community, increase brand visibility, and drive traffic to your website.

Here is our comprehensive guide with pro tips that you can follow as a beginner and have a large following base in no time!

Why Create Quality Content for Facebook Page

Facebook is currently the most-used social media platform with over 3 billion users and the third most-used website after Google and YouTube. With so many users and potential customers available in just one platform, it would be unwise not to invest time and effort here to garner an audience for any business.

The best way to create an audience here is to create content for it.

Before you invest in content development, make sure that your Facebook is not your only priority. Yes, Facebook can and will bring in a lot of traffic and customers. But putting all your focus on Facebook alone can be risky as you will be running on the whims of whatever guidelines they set up for you.

Make sure to direct traffic back to your website as you will have more control over your business there. Utilize both to gain traffic and potential leads.

How to Create Content for Facebook Page?

We have compiled a list of activities that will not only help you with your content creation but also how you publish them for optimal results.

Research your target audience

First of all, you must do extensive research on your target audience. You need to know what kind of demographic you are dealing with, and what type of content you can appeal to them with.

Facebook allows you to target different types of market segments, but if your content does not match your targeted segment, you will not get many interactions.

Try to understand what your audience wants when interacting with your brand and what type of issues they generally face within your niche and offer a solution to them.

Facebook offers a lot of tools for your research purposes. If you currently have an established audience already, you can use their tools to collect data that can offer you insights.

Follow a casual tone

Facebook by nature is a more casual website where people use informal and conversational language to interact with each other. If you post content with a formal tone, you are likely to get fewer interactions overall. If you are targeting a formal audience, chances are that they are not here on Facebook in the first place.

Use informal language for your posts to connect with the users. This will be especially effective if you are targeting a younger audience.

Research your competition

The best way to find what type of content works with your audience will be to observe what your competition and companies with the same target audience as you are doing.

Analyze their most popular posts and try to understand what makes them so engaging. Follow them and try to learn from them but be careful not to copy their strategies entirely.

Pick out topics for your content

Once you have an understanding of your audience and what kinds of posts by your competitors are popular, make a list of topics that you will be basing your content on. Ideally, you will want to pick up around 5-6 broad topics. They may have sub-topics within them. This will help you focus on key content in the creation process.

Focus on visual content

91% of the general audience prefers visual content over written posts. So you must focus on visual content rather than writing up long posts. Post more images, infographics, and video content of various kinds.

You can use images to share photos of your products or services in action, behind-the-scenes photos of your office and employees, and memes.

Infographics lets you share information or educate your audience on products without having to rely on posting a paragraph.

For videos, you can post how-to videos, product reviews, and showcases. Make sure to utilize Facebook reels as they have a great potential to reach a wider audience. The best part is that you can post the same content on Instagram reels.

Focus on visual content

Keep up with recent trends

Facebook being a social media means there are always some trends going on all the time. Try to keep up with current trends and incorporate them in your post. These types of posts gain a lot of traction, especially memes.

Successful meme marketing campaigning can increase organic engagement by 60% according to a study by NYU. It is currently one of the best methods of humor-based marketing for boosting interactions.

Keep an eye out on what customers are generally talking about and what kinds of memes are shared around and try to integrate them into your content. One warning when trying to do anything trendy is to make sure you are not too late to jump on the bandwagon.

No one will understand or like anything that references something a month or even a week old now. So try to adopt trends as soon you learn of them.

Map out your content posts

Once you have your audience and topics sorted out, plan out and schedule the posts that will be optimal for you. Have a content calendar planned out for at least a month. This will help in prioritizing which of your content you need to focus on finishing while also having planned out intervals between all your posts.

Diversify your content

Facebook as a platform allows you to post different forms of content. Utilize everything they offer according to what works for your audience and provide variety to your audience.

Facebook offers to post text posts, images, GIFs, videos, reels, infographics, stories, livestreams, and many more. Utilize everything they offer to capture a broad audience.

You can use the Facebook live feature for podcasts or live product showcases and reviews. Podcasts are a relatively new but growing industry with the number of listeners increasing every year.

What’s more, you can invite industry experts and have discussions on various topics. It is a great way to build connections in your industry and you can have your audience participate by asking questions to you or your guests.

Being a fairly new industry with rapid growth over the years, creating a podcast will be a very worthwhile investment.

Appeal to the emotions of your audience

Being able to invoke emotion – whether happy, sad, anger, or laughter – can help ensure better engagement. There are a few ways you can do this. Some of them are:

  • Add humor

Humor-based content is currently the most effective content on social media, at least according to a Global survey conducted by Hubspot. So why not show off your sense of humor through your business page? You can show how funny you are and enjoy higher engagement at the same time — a win-win situation.

  • Add relatability

As you can see from the results of the survey, relatable content is second to funny in terms of effective social media content. People feel more connected to stories they have similar experiences of. As humans, we have all experienced a few familiar events with each other.

Try to appeal to that among your audience. You can do that by showing behind-the-scenes content and embracing your imperfections. Being open about your challenges and failures also helps people to connect with you.

  • Take a stance

Taking a stance on anything, especially on social issues can show goodwill on your part and encourage a lot of people to support you on principle. Of course, do not randomly pick a side and stick with them. Do your due research and stand for what you believe is right.

  • Show empathy

Empathy can be a difficult emotion to convey, especially in a business. However, being able to empathize with your customer base can be powerful and can win you over a lot of customers.

Try to understand what general emotion a customer may feel about your brand, product, or in general, and try to find a way to appeal to it. For example, JetBlue, an airline company, once did a campaign that focused on children’s content.

A lot of people who fly with children understand the difficulty of having them on the plane. By making children-focused content, Jetblue was able to empathize with a lot of parents and make them feel good about the company.

  • Encourage playful debates

If there are common things that people debate over, you can encourage them through your posts. Some common topics are sports teams like which club football is better or food debates like whether pineapple goes on pizza.

These are commonly light-hearted topics but can get people riled up enough to cause playful debates. Try to come up with topics like this and see your comments sections fight over which is better.

  • Try to inspire

You can try making profound and inspiring content that makes your audience feel good about reading or watching them. Look around for stories in your community and highlight them through your page to invoke feelings of empowerment or hope.

Have a good opening

It is no secret that the use of social media has decreased the general attention span of the audience. Your posts must have a good opening that can immediately capture the attention of any user scrolling through.

This is especially true for video content. If users do not get hooked within the first few seconds, they are very likely to scroll away. This is why try to have a “hook” within the first 3 seconds to keep viewers guessing.

You can hook them by showing a statistic or any sort of imagery that can take one by surprise and will need a few moments to have a grasp on. You can even show an offer that is likely to entice a viewer to learn how to avail it.

You can also use negative words for this purpose. This can be a risky maneuver but the payoffs are worth it. Words like “suck” and “awful” can catch the eyes of a user and stop them in their scrolling tracks.

Be diligent in how you apply them to not come as too cynical in your posts because audiences do not like that either.

Communicate benefits rather than products

In this part of learning how to create content for Facebook page, you need to know that most people online have an apathetic nature to anything that does not concern them right away. In order to make them care, showcase how your offering will bring benefits to your target market.

One way to showcase benefits is to first show a problem customers have right away. Customers who share that problem will recognize it and become curious as to how you can provide a solution for it.

If you can show a satisfactory solution, they will at least have you in mind if they already have not started considering buying from you.

Use your consumer research and competition research knowledge to show the best solutions and benefits you offer your audience for a successful content creation campaign.

Keep your posts concise

There is nothing scarier than a long post to a scrolling Facebook user. They will simply scroll down if they see a paragraph attached to anything. This is why, always keep your content short.

That does not mean you should create long-form content. You will just have to redirect them to places where it is more suitable.

For example, if you want your audience to read your blog posts, instead of posting them on your page, take interesting bits and pieces of it and make shorter posts that tease the whole thing.

Add links that take the audience to your website where the blog is located. You can do the same with long-form videos too. Post a small part of it on your page and direct them to your website or YouTube channel for the whole video.

Ideally, you would want your Facebook videos around a minute long according to a study by Newswhip.

Run online contests

Contests are one of the most efficient ways of farming engagement in any social media, including Facebook. By offering up valuable prizes to win, you can encourage your audience in various campaigning activities, such as sharing your posts on their site or referring you to a friend.

However, don’t make it a regular thing or your contests will lose their specialty. Also, don’t forget to give prizes on time or the participants will not trust you afterward.

Optimize content for mobile users

We have already mentioned how Facebook has over 3 billion active users currently. What is more important to keep in mind is that about 98.5% of them are mobile users. So it is not just a suggestion to optimize content for mobile users, it is an absolute necessity.

This means that when selecting images, making memes or infographics, or creating videos, optimize them by considering how they will look from a mobile screen rather than a monitor. That’s why most posts are made vertically rather than horizontally. Facebook reels – mostly vertical videos – are currently trending. 

That does not mean you should abandon horizontal content entirely. Just make sure the content you put in there is visible to mobile users even if they scroll by in a short time. Most people will not take the time to zoom in and check every corner for any detail.

Focus on building relationships

When developing content, make sure that it fulfills the purpose of relationship building. If you are successful, you can build yourself a loyal customer base, something coveted by almost every business out there. A loyal customer base is a source of constant revenue and they can promote your company for you.

Try to build a strong brand identity that will make customers eager to interact with you directly. If you interact with them privately via DMs, try to be cordial and hear out everything they have to say. 

If you can have positive interactions with a lot of them, not only will you have increased your potential sales, but also they can become repeat customers as they will feel comfortable buying your offering because of the positive interaction they had with you.

Use effective CTAs

Call-to-action (CTA) posts encourage visitors to perform any task or action. They are usually beneficial to your business like signing up for email updates or encouraging purchase of your product or service.

Take a look at the following example by Honest Green US. They are a company that promotes healthy and delicious meals. In their ad post, they have displayed some of their enticing meal packs for people to see.

They have arranged it in a way where users can swipe through all their displayed meals like a menu and if anything catches their interest, the “Order now” button is right below.

If you can design a post and implement your CTA button as effectively as this given example, you will find a lot of conversions for your business.

Analyze interactions

Make sure to study the interaction you get, like which type of posts get the most traction, which does not, and everything else you can. Fortunately, Facebook gives you the tools for analyzing how people engage with you.

First, go to the ads manager and click on the menu icon dubbed “all tools” at the top-left corner of your screen.

A menu will pop up. Scroll down to the “Analyze and report” section and click on “Audience Insight”.

There, you will be able to collect all kinds of data based on whatever filter you need. Use this tool to gain knowledge about your successful and unsuccessful posts and adjust your campaigns based on your necessities.

General Tips for Content

You need to consider a few factors to make sure to get the most out of the content you have created. Here are some tips to help you with that.

Try to get engagements within the first hour of posting

A post that gets immediate engagement is usually pushed to people right away by the Facebook algorithm. Try asking friends and family to share your posts especially if you are in your starting phase. You can even try DMing your customers to share your posts if they have positive interactions with you.

Having a lot of interactions right off the bat, Facebook takes it as a sign that the post is something people enjoy and will show it to more people.

Share customer testimonials

Sharing customer testimonials and reviews shows that their voices are being heard. Customers also love to hear from other people about a product they are interested in. And who better to promote you than your customers themselves?

So whenever the opportunity arises, share stories of your satisfied customers on your page.

Share user-generated content

Whenever you see a customer posting about using your product or service, you can ask them if you can share them from your page. This can be a nice mixup from your usual planned-out content and will show off happy customers who will endorse your brand. Your customers will also be happy with the exposure you give their posts if you have collected their consent before.

Do not hesitate to keep an eye out and ask to share your customer’s posts and help each other in reaching more people. Consumers are  9.8 times more likely to buy something they see their peers using than see it used in any ad or by any influencer. So you are very likely to increase your conversion rates by doing this.

Publish your posts at optimal times

Try to figure out the periods when your general audience is the most active. Once you get established, you will have access to data that tells you when your audience is interacting with your page.

Use that data to gain insight when people are online and make posts then. As mentioned before, posts that get a lot of attention as soon as they are posted are favored by the Facebook algorithm.

Encourage discussions

Suppose your posts generate discussions in the comments sections. In that case, you will not only be able to collect valuable data straight from your audience but also get pushed by the algorithm since Facebook encourages posts with many comments.

To do that, you can end your posts with a question or ask to share anything in the comments that are relevant to your posts. You can even ask for opinions on certain products or services.

Moderate your posts

Make sure you post within reasonable intervals. If you post too frequently, audiences are likely to be annoyed by your spamming and if you post after too long intervals, audiences are likely to forget about you, let alone the algorithm stop pushing your content.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is a vital platform that every business needs to account for when creating marketing campaigns, no matter how big a company is. Now that you know how to create content for Facebook page, we hope you will make your campaign a success. If you are still unsure, contact us to help you create content and get you through this process without any stress or hassle.


Q. What type of content is best for Facebook?

Ans: Interactive polls, short videos, and authentic story-telling have gained the most engagement according to Facebook. Prioritize them when in the creation process.

Q. Which is better Facebook or Instagram?

Ans: Both platforms have their unique benefits, and with how these platforms let you crosspost, it is better to utilize both than to choose one over the other.

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