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How to Find & Join Instagram Pods?

Published by wadialbada
March 22, 2024

Instagram pods may help boost your content’s engagement rate but don’t think that it will help you have real, meaningful interactions with followers in the long term.

Still, if you want to know how to find Instagram pods, this guide is here to help you with that.

What is an Instagram Pod?

Instagram pods are groups of Instagram users, usually in the same niche like fashion, food, or DIY, that agree to engage with each other’s content through likes and comments.

These pods are usually formed through Instagram direct message (DM) groups. When someone in the pod posts something new, they notify the group. Then the other members like and comment on that post.

This manual engagement through DMs is one type of Instagram pod. There are also larger, more automated pods with hundreds or thousands of members that use third-party software to exchange likes. These mass-liking pods are viewed as manipulative or “blackhat” tactics on Instagram.

The main idea is that Instagram pods allow users in a niche to come together and agree to actively engage with each other’s content through coordinated likes and comments. This can help increase reach and engagement on posts organically when done thoughtfully.

Different Types of Instagram Pods

Instagram pods come in many different sizes and structures. Not all pods are the same, some pods are small with 100 or fewer active members and other pods are huge with thousands of active members.

Pods can be categorized in different ways. Some pods focus on a specific niche, like people who share an interest, age, location, or other similar traits. Other pods are broad and include people from all different backgrounds who simply want to increase engagement.

Pods can also be categorized by the type of engagement required. Some pods only need likes while others need comments. Some pods need both likes and comments on each other’s posts.

Instagram engagement groups can be divided into two categories:

1. Instagram Engagement or DM Groups

In these groups, members tell the group when they’ve posted something new with an Instagram DM. Then every group member must like or make comments on that post quickly based on the group’s rules. The engagement helps boost the post’s visibility.

To find DM groups, ask for larger accounts belonging to your niche or check Facebook groups related to Instagram or social media.

2. Instagram Round Groups on Telegram

These groups connect on the Telegram app. There can be hundreds or thousands of members. At scheduled times, all members like each other’s recent Instagram posts in an hour.

Additionally, you have to return the favors. Multiple rounds happen daily that you can opt into.

To find Telegram groups, search online for a directory. You’ll need a Telegram account to view it. The directory lists current groups and how to join.

Pros and Cons of Large vs. Small Pods

Large Instagram Pods

  • Pros

Large pods make it easier to join and can suddenly boost your profile’s metrics in an unrealistic way. This means Instagram may catch on that the engagement is inauthentic. However, large pods can provide quicker engagement and expand your reach and interactions.

  • Cons

Large pods don’t lead to meaningful growth. Other members just want to help themselves, not you or your content. Large pods can also hurt your reputation since the engagement comes across as fake.

Small Instagram Pods

  • Pros

Small pods are harder to find but can provide better returns. You may get more real engagement and members could give feedback to improve your content.

  • Cons

Small pods require more effort on your part. They may not have enough members to significantly boost your engagement.

In summary, a pod’s effectiveness really depends on members being committed to engaging and the quality of everyone’s content.

How to Find Instagram Pods?

Finding the right pod can be a challenge, but there are a few ways to locate them. let’s see how you can find and join the IG pods of your choice:

1. Try to Find Instagram Pods

There are several ways to find Instagram engagement pods to join. One option is to search through existing online communities like hashtags, social media platforms, and directories.

Some popular places to find pods are Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram itself. You can look for relevant hashtags like #instagrampods or join Facebook groups for engagement pods.

To find Instagram pods using hashtags, you can use relevant hashtags like #instagrampods, #engagementpods, or #IGpods to discover posts or accounts related to engagement pods.

Reddit has a subreddit called r/IGPods where Instagram users connect to get sorted into pods. You can scroll through recent posts or make your own post asking for pod members. This makes it easy to find niche-specific pods.

When evaluating potential pods, consider factors like how relevant they are to your niche, the quality of content from members, and the pod’s rules. Be cautious of very large pods that may have artificial engagement and risk shadowbans. Make sure the pod’s rules match your goals and you’re ready to actively participate.

To join an Instagram Pod you have to follow these steps:

First, open the Instagram app on your phone and make sure you’re logged into your account.

Then tap on the search magnifying glass at the bottom to go to the Search page.

Type in keywords like “Influencer groups” to search for pods.

Browse through the results in the “For You” tab for pods that fit your interests.

Or switch to the “Accounts” tab and look for specific Instagram pod profiles that are a good match for you and your content.

2. Join Instagram Pod

After finding potential Instagram pods, the next step is to join them. Here are some ways to join Instagram pods:

Join Existing Pods

  • Request an invite: Some pods need an invitation to join. If you know someone already in the pod, ask them to invite you. Or, directly message the pod admin and ask to join.
  • Follow the rules: Once accepted into a pod, be sure to follow all rules and guidelines. This may include things like liking and commenting within a set time, using certain hashtags, or posting at specific times.
  • Be an active member: To get the full benefit, be an engaged member. Interact with other members’ posts and notify the group when you have a new post to share.

Start Your Own Pod

If you can’t find an existing pod that fits your needs, you can start your own. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Pick like-minded Instagrammers: Choose those who post consistently, creatively, and on similar topics as you. Aim for those with a comparable follower count.
  • DM potential members: Directly message each person you want in your pod. Explain the purpose and rules of the pod in your message.
  • Name your Instagram pod: Choose an exciting name that will motivate members to support each other.
  • Send a welcome message: Send a group message welcoming everyone to the new pod. Outline the ground rules so expectations are clear.
  • Ensure commitment: Make sure all members understand the rules and are on board with actively participating in the pod.

The keys are carefully selecting engaged members, clearly communicating goals and guidelines, and securing commitment to regular participation from all members. Let me know if I effectively captured the main steps in my own words.

Rules of Instagram Pods

Here are some common rules and guidelines within Instagram pods, as well as best practices for participating in pods:

Common Rules and Guidelines within Instagram Pods

1. Respect the time when the pods “drop”

When a pod has scheduled a “drop” time, it’s important to respect that timeframe. This is when members can post their content to get likes and comments from the group.

Be sure to engage with the other members’ posts during the allotted drop period as agreed upon. Stay on top of the scheduled drops, and participate accordingly. A line or two about minding the drop times keeps things orderly.

2. Don’t use the chat to “chat”

Instagram pods are strictly for business purposes, not casual socializing. The pod’s chat or direct message thread should be used only for productive notifications related to the pod’s functioning, like alerting members to new posts or coordinating engagement.

Avoid cluttering the chat with off-topic conversations, as this distracts from the pod’s core purpose.

Keeping chatting focused on logistics allows the pod to run smoothly and members to easily track engagement notifications.

Casual socialization should be reserved for outside the pod – the chat is for streamlined coordination only.

3. Avoid using automation platforms

Instagram has really started cracking down on automated engagement, even shutting down sites that provide automated likes and comments.

It’s best to steer clear of using these automation platforms unless you know how to do it without getting caught by Instagram.

The algorithms are smart, so automation can easily get you in trouble these days! Stick to genuine engagement to be safe. A sentence or two avoiding bots keeps your account secure.

4. Give to Get

Don’t just take advantage of what the pod offers. You should always like and comment on the other members’ posts if you want them to engage with yours too. 

It’s about reciprocity – give engagement to get engagement. A line or two on participating fairly keeps relationships strong.

5. Switch up your pods regularly

Instagram can detect pod activity by seeing the same people always engaging with your posts. To avoid this, switch up the pods you join regularly.

Rotating between different pods makes it harder for Instagram to pinpoint which ones you’re using. A sentence or two on shuffling pods keeps Instagram guessing.

Do Instagram Pods Work?

So do Instagram pods really work? Lots of people use them trying to up their engagement and get more attention on their posts. There are good and bad to pods – some help give your engagement a boost while some have downsides.

On the plus side, you can achieve more likes and comments by joining a pod, which can then lead to more visibility and potential new followers. Pods are also great for networking if you join one with similar people – you can connect with like-minded people and maybe form valuable professional relationships.

By engaging with different content in pods, you get exposed to fresh perspectives and creative juices flowing.

But there are drawbacks too. Pods take time since you have to engage with other member’s stuff within a set period. The engagement can also look fake and hurt your authenticity. Too much pod action could even get you shadowbanned by the Insta bot police, reducing visibility and follower growth.

In summary, pods can work to increase engagement but you have to weigh whether the benefits outweigh potential issues. The success really depends on members fully engaging and sharing quality content.

How to Get More Followers with an Instagram Pod

To leverage Instagram Pods to grow your audience, try the following strategies:

1. Participate in reputable pods

When joining a pod, make sure to pick ones that are a good fit for you. Look for pods in your niche with active and engaging members. Avoid big pods with little leadership; they might appear spammy and false.

If you want your engagement to come across as authentic as possible, go for the pods with your kind of people who interact. It’s all about quality over quantity when choosing which Instagram pods to join.

2. Be consistent

If you wanna see results from a pod, you have to put in the work consistently. Make sure to engage with other members’ content on the regular so they’ll return the love on your posts too.

It’s like a two-way street – you constantly scratch their backs and they consistently scratch yours. Keep up that pod participation and you’ll keep raking in that juicy engagement. Consistency is key when it comes to making pods work for you.

3. Use hashtags effectively

Don’t just depend on your pod people for engagement – make sure to use hashtags to extend your reach too. Find relevant hashtags for your niche and use them in your posts.

That way you can connect with users beyond just your pod members. Hashtags help get your content in front of people who may not even follow you yet but would be interested in your stuff. So post with some strategic hashtags to grow your audience past your inner pod circle.

4. Engage genuinely

When engaging with your pod members, make sure it’s quality over quantity. Instead of just spamming every post with generic comments like “nice!” or “great post!” take a second to give some real feedback or ask an authentic question.

That helps build actual connections with the other members, instead of just exchanging meaningless engagement. Fostering genuine interactions makes the pod feel more like a community.

5. Combine pod participation with other strategies

Don’t rely just on Instagram pods to boost interaction. Make sure to combine pod participation with other strategies to level up your Instagram game. Work on creating killer content that people want to engage with.

Use relevant hashtags so you also connect with users outside your pod. And engage directly with your real followers too through comments, Q&As, etc.

6. Monitor your analytics

Keep an eye on those Instagram analytics. Check your engagement metrics regularly to see if being part of pods is rewarding for you.

Are your likes and comments going up since joining pods? Or is your engagement flatlining? Keep tabs on the numbers to make sure your pod participation is translating to real growth.

If not, it may be time to rethink your pod strategy or find more active groups. But first, check out those analytical Instagram data to see if your pods are shifting the scale!

7. Consider creating your own pod

If you’re struggling to find the perfect pod match, take matters into your own hands and start your own! Carefully select some like-minded users and influencers to join your pod.

That way you can shape it to fully align with your brand values, niche, and engagement goals from the start. When you create your own pod, you set the rules. But be sure to have some oversight and keep membership small so engagement stays genuine.

Rolling your own Instagram pod takes more work but gives you full control. Something to think about if the existing pods just aren’t a good fit!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to find Instagram pods, remember that they offer opportunities to increase engagement and expand reach but require a thoughtful approach. Join reputable pods, engage authentically, and incorporate pods into your broader strategy. Focus on genuine connections and adding value for your audience. Use pods as a tool for growth while prioritizing integrity.

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