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Top 5 WordPress Development Companies in Dubai

Published by wadialbada
September 13, 2023

Whether you own a small or large business, if you want to take it to the next level, there are no better alternatives than online business.

Especially if you want to expand your business in Dubai, the epicenter of innovative technologies and digital communications.

To do so, the first step that you will need to take is finding a WordPress development agency that will be able to provide you with the results you are looking for.

However, finding the best WordPress development company in Dubai can be extremely difficult due to the multitude of options available.

Don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

In this article, we will provide you with the top 5 WordPress development agencies, their benefits, and why they might be suitable for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details!

1. Shakuro

When it comes to performance, design excellence, and high backend support, there are few WordPress web development firms that can compete with Shakuro.

Established back in Delaware in 2006, this global web development company has skyrocketed into the Dubai digital market scene due to its unique design concepts and mastery of Ruby, AngularJS and Figma.

With almost 250 employees ready to work on your project, Shakuro is one of the top picks for the best WordPress developers in Dubai.

Primary Focus

  • Mobile & web application design & implementation
  • UI/UX development
  • Complete branding & identity system design
  • Startup consolations


  • Multiple budget options
  • Suited for every type of business
  • Offers different types of web development services to cater to your needs
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Verified client satisfaction
  • Time-effective, flexible, and responsive


  • Not the best option for high-functioning enterprises

Notable Clients

  • Google
  • CGMA
  • Akeptus
  • Proko
  • Swyft
  • Omnicom Media Group

Our Remarks

Your project will be in good company‘ – that is the slogan of Shakuro, and it is safe to say they keep good to their work. The customer service is highly effective and will help you to understand the process they are going to take with your project.

They have different individual experts in different respective fields who coordinate with each other so that they can provide you with the best output possible.

You can get a free consultation from them by filling out their questionnaire. They will also offer a modified project proposal based on your budget.

So, overall, Shakuro is a solid choice for those who want to get the best price with the best services.

2. TekRevol

Primarily known for its mobile app development expertise, TekRevol is also a WordPress web development company that is cruising the digital streets of Dubai.

They offer a wide array of services ranging from startup developments to complete entries management., And they have awards and recognitions to show for it.

Found in early 2014, they have been committed to efficiency and ROI-based results that any mid-level business to thriving industrial magnets would appreciate.

Primary Focus

  • Android & iOS app development
  • Startup development
  • Flutter development
  • Game development
  • E-commerce application support
  • Chatbot development
  • Cloud computing consultation


  • The best option for businesses ranging from moderate level to enterprise level
  • The different department handles a different portion of the development
  • Experience in a wide variety of niches and industries
  • Certified and decorated with some of the highest honors in the development industry
  • Great for blockchain & NFT development


  • The price range can be a bit expensive
  • No notable e-commerce consolation services
  • Don’t offer the best deals for small businesses and startups

Notable Clients

  • University of Toronto
  • OZ Leasing
  • Waste Connections
  • Soundly
  • Ether Legends

Our Remarks

If you have a small, established business in Dubai and want to go all out, then TekRevol is the answer to all your problems. They are highly industry-focused and produce results that are bound to go beyond your expectations.

What makes them stand out the most is the variety of development options and the expertise of their members.

Their understanding of blockchain development and NFT marketing is something to be envious of, and if you are planning to establish a blockchain empire, then TekRevol will be your best bet.

The customer service is also exceptional, but as they are more prone to handling clients with experiences in the field, if you are just starting up, then understanding the complex situations behind the coding and development of TekRevol may be a bit difficult.

Overall, TekRevol is a great choice, especially for established businesses, but that doesn’t mean they are horrible for startups. Check them out, and you will find out yourself! 

3. Emirates Graphic

In the UAE, Emirates Graphic is an up-and-coming star that is taking the competition by storm. While the other two we mentioned before had foreign origins, Emirates Graphic was founded in Dubai back in 2013.

Starting from WordPress web development and design templates, they now offer e-commerce site development, Android & iOS application development, cross-platform management, and more.

They mainly focus on small to mid-level businesses and set them up on the path to success. This doesn’t mean the firm isn’t able to handle industry giants and enterprises because their client list tells you all the details you need to know.

Primary Focus

  • User interface & user experience
  • SaaS application development
  • E-commerce site development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile application development


  • A great choice for those who are on a budget
  • Provides a complete package for you to start your small business from scratch
  • Free consultations


  • Don’t offer the similar variety that other top firms provide
  • Not a good option for blockchain development

Notable Clients

  • Emirates Policy Center
  • OBS Group
  • Jumeirah University

Our Remarks

With 300 plus projects finished and counting, Emirates Graphic is no stranger in the digital market of Dubai. They can be a blessing to someone who is struggling to start their business.

Both their digital marketing team and development team are world-class and bring the best out of them in every project.

That is why even though they are known to handle small to mid-businesses, they have been working with the government along with universities, making them a tough contender for even the largest of WordPress development companies in Dubai.

4. GCC Marketing

Founded in 2009, this Dubai-based WordPress development company was well known for its custom templates and unique designs.

Over the years, they have improved those remarks and now have become one of the most sought-after web and mobile development firms all across the UAE.

They primarily focus on branding and marketing along with their development projects.   

Primary Focus

  • Mobile & web app development
  • UI/UX design & development
  • Online store eCommerce marketplace development
  • Digital transformation maintenance services


  • Budget-friendly service costs
  • A focused approach allows small businesses to thrive more
  • Multiple services and digital marketing support
  • Exceptional consultation service


  • Way too branding-focused for some businesses
  • Not catered toward enterprise-based businesses

Notable Clients

  • Cultiv8
  • Jiana Food Industries
  • Estee Fashion

Our Remarks

If you want a branding expert to take care of your WordPress development project, then GCC won’t disappoint you.

They are versed in both digital marketing and web development, which will ensure a better ranking in web searches and online engagement.

Their pricing is also extremely budget-friendly, making them a perfect choice for small to mid-range businesses.

5. WADI AL BADA IT Solutions

When it comes to understanding the local and global market of UAE, WADI AL BADA IT Solutions stands out with its creative campaign planning and exceptional development team.

They offer the complete package of WordPress development along with digital marketing services. So, you are getting the best of both worlds with this firm. This is something that most firms tend to ignore.

Primary Focus

  • E-commerce Website development
  • Social media marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Web hosting
  • UI/UX development
  • Advertisement campaigns


  • Budget-friendly web services
  • Offers both development and marketing aspects
  • 24/ helpline and login systems for clients
  • Multi-niche services


  • No notable negatives

Notable Clients

  • Marlow
  • Changebox
  • Quilbott
  • Longline
  • Brandfinder
  • DiversePro

Our Remarks

WADI AL BADA IT Solutions offers a complete deal that you won’t find in most WordPress development firms in the world, let alone Dubai. They have an exceptional customer care procedure, which makes a client feel right at home.

Their cost is also very low, which opens up the possibility for small businesses to thrive. With major partners like Quillbot and Marlow, it is safe to say that WADI AL BADA IT Solutions deserves its spot as one of the best in Dubai.

How to Find a Good WordPress Developer?

If the mentioned five don’t meet your fancy, then here are some factors that you will have to keep in mind if you want to find the best WordPress developer for your projects —

Experience and Portfolio

If a developer isn’t able to provide you with a relevant experience showcase, nor do they have a portfolio that matches their claims, then they aren’t the ones you should be going for.

Look out for web developing firms with at least 3 to 5 years of experience, which clients they have worked with, and what type of work they did. Check out their claims in the portfolio online to make sure that they are legit.

Vague Communication and Lack of Technical Knowledge

Always get in touch with a firm’s representatives before you place your bet on them. If they aren’t communicating properly or explaining their entire plan step by step, then you shouldn’t proceed with them.

The same goes for the scenarios where they show a lack of technical knowledge of your businesses and relevant fields.

So, pick the ones who are confident with their plans and have the necessary skills and understanding for the project you are going for.


Find out how their other clients rated their services. Remember, there are quite a few bots that are designed to spread positivity about a firm online.

So, if you find a firm and see someone commenting on the services or rating them, make sure that the person has taken their services and got bad results.

Opposite is also true. This means the higher the rating a firm has, the better it is in the long corporate run.

Contact Agreement

Make sure to get all the necessary details on your contract agreement. The agreement will be thoroughly written, and the terms and conditions will be clear. This is a good sign of a serious firm.

On the other hand, if the firm you are hiring doesn’t provide any agreement beforehand, then don’t even go for that firm.  

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of WordPress development firms in Dubai. But the mentioned 5 stand out the most, so make sure to contact each of them and also find out which style goes with you the best. So, take your time before you make the call. If you want to see content similar to this, then make sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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