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Build Restaurant Website in Dubai to Give Deeper Experience

Published by wadialbada
August 11, 2023

Because of the pandemic, people’s dependence on online food service has become a norm. Now, everyone just goes through their phone or PC and orders food delivery at home. Hence, having a website is mandatory.

However, it is seen that creating a website is beneficial to restaurant owners. Before, restaurant owners had to use banners and pamphlets to bring customers. But now people can judge a restaurant by their websites, photos, menu, content, and design. So they can visit the restaurant if they want or order online.

Therefore, websites have made restaurant owners’ lives easier to promote their shops.
Keep reading to learn how you can do website development for restaurants in Dubai to grow sales.

Why Website Development for Restaurants in Dubai is Important

  • Your website represents your shop worldwide
  • It portrays the image of your business to the customers
  • It tells a story by telling your business’s specialty
  • Make your restaurant’s name both online and offline. For example, even if someone did not go to Dubai, they surely know Ossiano(One of the best restaurants in Dubai) and perhapswant to eat there at least once
  • The website provides your customers with ideas about the menu, quality, and atmosphere by seeing the image before entering the restaurant
  • It helps increase sales both online and offline

How to Do Website Development for Restaurants in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its innovation, riches, and stylish buildings. Also known as one of the safest places on earth, so many tourists go there to see the beautiful and mesmerizing monuments. As a restaurant owner, building a website will not only bring customers from Dubai but also from all over the world.

Choose an Attractive Restaurant Website Design

Your website is like your restaurant but online. You know, you keep your restaurant prim and proper. You make the food with care and present it with delicacy. You show the best etiquette to the customers.

For the website as well, you need to make it in a way that when visitors visit they get everything in one place and decide to take action. So, your website design needs to look elegant and appetizing in terms of colors, pictures, videos, and organization.

For restaurant website creation,, Weebly, and Wix are the best option.

  1. It is free and you do not have to be a professional web designer to make a website with it. You can choose any template and theme and modify it to your desire. You just need $15 to buy the domain name and pay $8 per month for the hosting plan.
  2. Weebly: It is one of the best free restaurant website design agencies. Also, known for online ordering website builder.
  3. Wix: If you want more freedom in making a restaurant website, use Wix. You can also make an online ordering system and online reservations with it.

Note: whichever method you use to build your restaurant website, make it mobile-friendly. That way it will reach more people.

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Location Details with Google Maps

Add location with important information clearly and with Google Maps directions. The customer should be able to find your restaurant easily. Also, put at least 2 contact numbers and 2 email addresses so that if they get lost or need any help, they can contact you immediately.

Note: One person should always be there to pick up the phone. You need to provide absolutely flawless service to your customers at all times.

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Explain your Food Menu in Detail

First, you need to add your restaurant’s menu at the top. When the customer visit, they should see the food name with the price. Then, you explain every food item with ingredients in detail and with a realistic photo of the item.

Do not make any mistake and add a photoshopped food photo thinking it would attract more customers. It may work at first but when the main food and the photo will not match, you will lose customers rapidly. So, make the food and take a realistic photo with a good camera. When the customers will see the delicious food’s quantity and quality match the menu, they will stay.

Note: Keep the menu up to date. If you have included a new item, mention them in a different section.

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Organize Your Website with Clear Direction

In this era, everybody is in a hurry. Everything needs to be fast and easy. Upon arriving on the website, if the audience cannot find things easily, they will feel lost and leave.

So, you have to organize the restaurant website with easy navigation. Explain and organize things chronologically. For example, put important information in the Menu bar like Contact, blog, portfolio, development, job openings, catering, gift cards, and packages. Add an emergency number and email on top of the website. And add additional information at the bottom of the website.

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Create a User-Friendly Portal for More Orders

You may be thinking why do you need an easy portal? Though we live in an era of technology, not everybody is technologically advanced. So, an easy portal can help a customer order online easily.

While tasty food can attract customers, an easy portal will make them stay. So, use easy navigation on the portal. Guide them properly to order safely and easily.

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Take Online Food Order

If you have enough hands on deck, I highly recommend starting an online ordering system on the website. It will not only bring more sales, but also you will be able to tell who are your regular customers and your regular sales rate.

Another good thing about online food delivery services is that while they are enjoying food at home. If they come to visit your area, they will go to the restaurant to eat food first-hand.

Adding it to the website will benefit you both online and offline.

However, keep in mind, the food you sent via online order should taste the same as the restaurant. It should taste the absolute best.

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Upload Realistic and Flawless Images on the Website

Food images play a key role in building popularity on your website. While your content gives customers a description of your food services, the food images give them a visual understanding.

However, take photos of how the food really looks in your restaurant. Do not do too much editing or turn the photos too fancy. If the customers do not get the same quality and quantity they see online, they will lose their trust in you.

So, keep on creating new menus and updating new images of your food to make the customer click the “Order Now” Button.

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Share Your Journey on the Website

Who doesn’t like to hear someone’s Journey? On your website, share your cooking journey with people. How did you start cooking and why did you decide to open a restaurant? People like to read inspirational stories and like to connect those with dishes.
Your journey can connect people emotionally with your food. So, create a segment on the Menu bar and tell your journey to bond with people.

Post a video of Your Restaurant

Since you are promoting your food online, how would the customer know what your offline restaurant looks like? By a video.

Make a high-quality video with everything in your shop. Nowadays people like to take photos wherever they go out to eat. If your restaurant is surrounded by beautiful nature or has a nice design in the restaurant, include those in the video. And if you can use voice-over to explain the views, do that too. It will increase your customers in the restaurant as well.

Give Special Sales/Gift Cards/Discounts/Offers

Giving sales, gift cards or offers is a great marketing strategy to bring more customers both online and offline. There are many people who usually do not eat at regular prices but try the food if it is at a discount. Discounts are a good way to make more people try your food.

For example, you can give a 20% discount to students or get 30% off on restaurant eating only. Give discounts in a way that you can promote both the website and the restaurant.

Now that I have told you how to do website development for restaurants to grow business. I will tell you some methods through which you can promote your website as well.

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Request Reviews from Clients

Nothing can beat reviews on a restaurant website. People may hesitate to believe your written services before ordering food. However, they will blindly trust the reviews people leave after eating your food.

So, asking customers to leave a review on your website will be a really good idea to increase sales. At the same time, from their reviews, you will be able to understand your flaws and where to improve.

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How to Promote Website for Restaurants in Dubai to Bring Potential Customers

Now I will tell you some methods through which you can promote your restaurant’s website in Dubai.

  • Learn SEO (Search Optimization Engine). After creating a restaurant website, you can bring in more audiences through food blogs. Write blogs with popular keywords and link your service page. Upon searching the focus keyword, your blog will pop up and customers can go to your service page through the link.
  • Create an online presence with YouTube and Social media. Make cooking tutorials on YouTube and communicate with your audience. Make the videos in such a way that they can feel the taste through the screen. Also, take photos of your dishes and upload them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Always try to communicate with your audience and keep your presence. The more active you will stay on social media; the more people will see your work.
  • Google Ads service. You can also make ads on Google to promote your website. How does it work? When someone searches “Restaurants in Dubai”, your ad will pop up atthe top of the search results. After seeing the ad, if they click on your website’s link, it will take them to their website.

Wrapping It Up

If you want to expand your food restaurant, website development for restaurants in Dubai is mandatory. Create an eye-catching website with an appetizing vibe. If you give some time in growing your restaurant’s website, you will see the results sooner or later. And can become one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai.



Answer: You can promote your restaurant via a display. Make a video with food, all your information and sales information. Try to make it visually pleasing.


Answer: You can also add your logo’s meaning to the website. Often customers have the curiosity to know about your logo’s meaning and if it has any connection with food or memory. So dissect it into parts and explain elaborately how it is connected with your services.


Answer: You can secure your restaurant website with an SSL certificate. It certificate will increase your customers’ trust in you. When you will certify your restaurant website, the URL will show “HTTPS”. The S stands for SSL certificate.

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