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Advertise Plumbing Business in Dubai to Grow Sales

Published by wadialbada
August 14, 2023

Starting a Plumbing business in Dubai but do not know how to promote your plumbing services? Do not worry. You can promote your plumbing company through websites, videos, networking and social media.

You just have to share with people what you do, communicate with them, show the problems you face in your area and how you help people to solve the problems in their places. When they will be able to connect with you, you will get more customers who will trust their house works to you.

So, read this article to learn how you can advertise plumbing business in Dubai to attract more customers.

How to Advertise Plumbing Business in Dubai Offline

In the 21st century, there are some amazing ways to promote plumbing businesses offline through networking, business cards and printing. Without further Ado, let’s see how you can do plumbing marketing offline.


Networking is when you go out and meet a group of people where you talk about your business. It is a great way for advertising the plumbing business. As many people do not know what plumbers do, if you go into these gatherings and share what you do, they will be able to understand your work.

In gatherings, not only plumbers but also other professions people come by to promote their businesses. So, Listen to their businesses as well. Talk to them, understand their work and when the opportunity comes by recommend them to people. If you recommend them, they will also refer you. That way you will be able to grow your business and make a connection in the community.


Business Card

Now, you might be thinking about how to sell plumbing services through business cards? It is a very useful method in the plumbing industry to describe your services.

You need to make a business card providing the company’s information. Put your business phone number, your name, email address and the company’s location on one side, and put the services name on another side of the card. Choose an attractive design for your business card.

Restaurant Business Card

After doing a plumbing job, always provide a business card to your clients. Ask them to contact you back, if they liked your service or need any help. If your work is good, they will recommend you to other people.

Advertise Logo Everywhere

Put your plumbing company’s logo on vehicles, newspapers, uniforms and tools.

If you have a car that you are using to go to the client’s house, put the logo and a bit of important information about your work in the car. Though it will take money, promote your company’s service through newspapers. Also, put the company’s logo and information on the uniform and tools as well.

This way, you will stay visual to people anywhere you go.

tshirt business logo marketing

How to Advertise Plumbing Business in Dubai Online

While offline promotion can make you seen anywhere you go working, online marketing can make you seen worldwide. You can do online promotion through social media, youtube, websites, and reviews.     

Social Media

One of the best way to promote a plumbing business is through social media. Nowadays, when people face any issue or problem with pipes, gas and water, they directly look for plumbers on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Now, how to get plumbing customers through social media? It is easy. You have to tell people what you do. Share what sort of work you do. A very good way to connect with customers is when you post pictures of your work.

You can also make video tutorials to show your work. You will have to teach them and share information about plumbing. Also, when they see what you are contributing to the community, they will remember you and consider hiring you for your capability. Also, going into Facebook Live is a good marketing tactic to attract people.

Note: When you are promoting your plumbing business on social media, many people will try to sell you things. Be careful and block them. Keep in mind, you are there to advertise your own plumbing business. 

Social Media Image


Another great way to sell your plumbing services is YoutTube. On Youtube, while making tutorials, you have to show them how to fix a problem in their own home. For example, if you are fixing a water leakage in the basement or toilet, show them how they can fix it on their own with good elaboration and information.  Through this, you can build a good relationship with them.

Note: Keep in mind, while making videos, you are talking to only one person. So, always use You tone. 

Always read the comments they leave you. If they have any queries or questions, answer them. If you can make a video to help with their queries, do it. The better relationship you can build with audience, the more work calls and emails you will get.

Plamber is Working


Who doesn’t like to read reviews before getting a service? Nobody. A good review and rating can help boost your plumbing company. Always ask your clients to leave a review on your website or any social media platform.

Create a questionnaire for their ease and ask them to write reviews based on them. For example, if your work was satisfying and helpful.

Plambing Website Google Reviews

Google Ad Service

Google ads is a very useful method to sell your plumbing services. There are two ways to promote your plumbing company on Google. Google Local Services ads and Search Ads.

Google local services ads help you connect with the type of customers in your area. When a person searches for a plumbing company or service, your ad with your company’s name will pop up at the top of the search result. And you will only pay when they click on it. It is a great way to attract customers in your region or city.

Plumbing Service Google Ads

Now Search Ads appear after the local service ads or stay on top. It will have a description, two headlines and a link to your website. As your website link will take your customers directly to your website, make sure your website is updated and looks flawless. 

Plumbing business ad

While making an ad, you must mention a unique thing about your plumbing service. For example, free shipping or a 40% discount on tools so that customers will click on the ad. Make the ad in a way that customers get the urge to buy something from you. It is called CTA or “Call to Action”.

As you will be paying per click, choose an audience cleverly to not waste your money. For example, choose audience specifically located in Dubai. If you have a budget to spend on Google Ads, I highly recommend using it to promote your plumbing business.              


Just like social media, Websites are one of the great plumbing marketing strategies to get customers’ attention. Oftentimes people search on Google to get good plumbers. So, create an engaging website for marketing plumbing business.

You need to make a website with a good template and design. You have to elaborate on every service you are providing with well-taken images. The website needs to be built in a way that customers will be able to visualize your services.

Website Reference

You also need to research the plumbing market, as other plumbers might provide the same services as you. However, you must offer something to the customers, they are not providing such as special offers, seasonal discounts, and awards. For example, if they take any service two times, they will get 20% off on their third time. This way, you will be able to attract new clients and maintain a good relationship with regular clients.

Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While you are promoting your plumbing company, many messages will come from different marketing teams. They will try to convince you to promote your company through ads and articles. However, it can be spam or just a way to take money from you. 

So, if you know SEO, you will be able to understand what they are saying. And you can take their service if it benefits your business. 

Some Tips for Marketing Plumbing

  • While you are advertising plumbing online or offline, you may get some backlashes. You may get bad reviews and bad comments on social media. So, take those seriously and change your strategy. However, block the wrong ones.
  • Always stay updated. Everyday new technology is coming so learn new things to keep up with the present.
  • Communicate with your clients properly. Understand the client’s instructions and fix the problems accordingly.
  • Though you are doing plumbing business, there may be one or two things you specialize in. For example, you may be good at metal roofing and building maintenance. So, promote those specifically in your services.     


Last but not least, advertise plumbing business in Dubai both offline and online to grow your business. Check which way your company’s promotion works the best and use those strategies the most.



Answer: You can advertise your plumbing business online with just a phone. You can take photos with your phone and talk about your plumbing business on Facebook. Take short videos and edit them with free apps. However, you will need money to promote your business offline.


Answer: Facebook. Everybody knows how to use Facebook so reaching the audience will be easier on Facebook than on Linkedin or Twitter.

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